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Credit Card processing for high risk merchants

GH Bill Inc. is a subsidiary of Global Humax Cyprus and one of the leading providers of high risk merchant account and payment processor services for diversified industries. The company has grown over the years, and as part of it goals of providing effective payment solutions to companies across the globe in different industries,
It is becoming increasingly difficult for U.S based merchants to open a so called high risk merchant account, majorly due to the perception of payment solutions providers about businesses in this category. However, GH-Bill.com is offering the perfect solution to solve the needs of merchants in the United States, which includes CBD and adult merchants too.
GH-BIL.com has grown since it was established, harnessing a large network of banks across the globe to connect merchants in different parts of the world as well as the U.S. It is no news that some industries have a NO-GO area for most merchants, which has it made very difficult for merchants to accept credit card payments and other such payment methods. Consequently, it has become very expensive and time consuming for merchants to find the right payment processing provider to open a merchant account.
One of the major industries classified as high risk industries is the online adult entertainment industry otherwise known as the adult websites. While the industry remains controversial, this does not make the adult entertainment industry illegal. This claim has been substantiated with the growth of the industry that has witnessed the influx of tons of services and products providers in recent times. One major issue that businesses and other such stakeholders in the industry have had to deal with over the years is the treatment from banks and other payment solutions providers.
This is so as such businesses are often treated like they are breaking law. The unfavorable treatments such as excessive chargebacks and a large volume of card-not-present transactions, traditional financial solutions providers often classify such businesses as high risk. This simply means that more often than not, they do not get approval for merchant accounts. However, this phenomenon can only last a short while as the explosion of the industry into the digital marketplace makes it almost impossible not to accept and process credit card transactions.
GH Bill realized a big demand of the Marijuana and CBD merchants as it has become absolutely legal to sell these products even online in some states such as California and Colorado. However, the biggest challenge remains finding a merchant bank to accept credit card payments online.
GH Bill is consequently pave a way for its merchant to get a reliable payment credit card processing gateway to accept secure online credit card payments 24/7.
The main goal of GH Bill is to help businesses increase sales tomorrow by accepting credit card payments today. For more information to open a high risk merchant account please visit https://gh-bill.com/.
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